Communications Equipment " Encrypted” Transmitter

Communications Equipment

CRE 37 “Long Range” wireless audio conference system

This product allows conference-type communications between 2 to 6 users over 1 km (no limit for the amount of receive only units).
Besides its low weight (150g) and its compact design (only 120 x 60 x 22 mm), the main innovation of the system is the “ open microphone” communication concept; it allows every user to talk when they want, without waiting for their turn and without needing some accessory to start talking (push-to-talk button, Vox system).

Moreover an excellent level of audio quality is maintained in any environment (stadium, building site, road works, urban area…) thanks to a dedicated digital filter, which reduces any disturbing noise.

As well as being used by referees around the globe, the CRE37 system can be used for any application which requires long distance audio communication.



Prevents anyone from hearing or interrupting the conversation.

Digital Transmission Strengthens the quality of communication.
Noise Filter    Eradicates all disturbing noises.
Easy to use No setting of frequencies
Battery Life 8 - 16 hours
Size   120 x 60 x 22mm
Weight    150g
Volume setting    Nine distinct levels
Multi-channel     Allows the use of several systems at once.


Crescent Comms 2008